À l’angle des rues Rachel Est et Berri, le Gypsy Café Bar sert des cafés, des cocktails frais et une cuisine chef Robin Filteau-Boucher.



Gypsy Kitchen and Bar opened in April 2016 and is located inside Vassani Stay. When Canadian bar owner Kevin Latrem decided to quit his homeland to create a fresh and hip restaurant in Canggu, he teamed up with renowned chef Robin Filteau-Boucher. Bringing with him more than 10 years experience in French and Portuguese kitchen, his objective is simple : buy fresh and local produce and turn it into a culinary experience you can't find elsewhere! 

The restaurant's interior was designed by LaChambreDesign which was also behind Kevin's 4 popular joints in Montréal. The bohemian yet refined design invites the guests to sit back, grab a fresh cocktail and enjoy Bali's freshest catches. Serving breakfast lunch and dinner every day, Gypsy is a place you will want to visit more than once! 

Oh, and by the way, our coffee is amazing !





500 rue Rachel E

Montréal, QC, H2J 2H2 


Heures d’ouverture

Dimanche 9am–2Am

lundi au Mercredi 8am– 2Am

Jeudi - vendredi 8am–3Am

Samedi 9am–3Am